GRACO - 1:1 Extruder

Supply, metering and dispense system for 19-liter (5-gal) pails

The Graco 1:1 Extruder is a complete proportioning and dispense system for two component materials with ratio accuracyproduction efficiency and precise material handling. The 1:1 Extruder gives you:

  • The latest Saniforce Air Motor, Check-Mate 100 Lowers and Graco Ram control design updates
  • Improved pail placement and retention
  • A plural component extruder perfect for low-to-medium viscosity paste materials
  • U.S. pails or European pails

Design options include:

  • Stainless steel for liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and general industry applications
  • Carbon steel for general product assembly, dowel bar anchoring and joint sealing
▫️ Repeatability
▫️ Precise material handling
▫️ Ratio accuracy
▫️ Easy to operate
▫️ Production efficiency
▫️ Return-on-investment