GRACO - PCF Metering System

Precision Continuous Flow Metering and Dispense System - Advanced closed-loop technology assures a precise, continuous flow of material

Reduces material waste with superior flow control

Used in conjunction with a material supply system and robotics platform, the Graco PCF Metering System assures a precise, continuous flow of material. Closed-loop technology provides real-time adjustments for changes in material temperatures, viscosities, dispense rates or robot speeds – providing your operation with a highly precise, continuous dispense. System components include: Advanced Display Module, Fluid Plate, Graco CAN Cable and Gateway.

Handles a range of materials:

• Ambient, warm melt and hot melt materials to 400°F (204°C)
• Low to high viscosity materials
• Unlimited volume

▫️ Rust Proofing
▫️ Sealing
▫️ Resing Batch Blending
▫️ Adhesive Bonding
▫️ Foamed-in-Place Gasketing
▫️ Resing Saturation
▫️ Automotive Hem-Flange Bonding
▫️ Cable Fill