Compact Benchtop Meter, Mix and Dispense System

The Graco PR70 fixed and variable ratio systems accurately meter, mix and dispense medium-to-low viscosity materials for potting, gasketing, gasketing, encapsulation and syringe filling. All the features you need, in a compact, modular design.

Advanced Options Customize Dispensing Systems

  • Ratio assurance packages
  • Recirculation option
  • Integrated on-board heater control
  • Input/output options
  • Auto refill package
  • Supply systems options
▫️ Adhesive Bonding
▫️ Foamed-in-Place Gasketing
▫️ Potting
▫️ Resin Saturation
▫️ Sealing
▫️ Filters
▫️ Thermal Management
▫️ Meter Mix Dispense
▫️ Roll Coating
▫️ Encapsulation
▫️ Resin Infusion
▫️ Plastic Finishing - Bonding
▫️ Composite Fiber Winding & Pultrusion